"The More You Know" Show Coming To Saturdays This Fall


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"The More You Know" Show Coming To Saturdays This Fall
  • Pro Social Initiatives
August 26, 2016

NBCUniversal’s long-standing public service initiative, The More You Know, will premiere a series of six original programs in a new partnership with Litton Entertainment and NBC on October 1, 2016.

Each show will extend the iconic The More You Know brand to Saturday mornings across the country on NBC television stations and will focus on the following pillars: environment, social change, health and wellness, and community engagement.

Since 1989, The More You Know has addressed the nation’s most pressing social issues and remains a trusted voice for sharing knowledge to improve lives. To continue this vision to new generations, the new programming will include The Voyager with Josh Garcia, Wilderness Vet, Journey with Dylan Dreyer, Naturally, Danny Seo, Give, and Heart of a Champion with Lauren Thompson. You can read more about this dynamic partnership here.

To see original award-winning The More You Know clips, visit TheMoreYouKnow.com and follow The More You Know on Facebook.