NBCUniversal and JA SoCal Celebrate New Learning Center


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NBCUniversal and JA SoCal Celebrate New Learning Center
  • Pro Social Initiatives
March 09, 2017

NBCUniversal has committed to a 3-year partnership with Junior Achievement of Southern California, a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire and empower tens of thousands of young people through financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship education.


As part of this partnership, NBCUniversal and Junior Achievement of Southern California officially launched the NBCUniversal storefront at JA Finance Park on February 22, 2017. The storefront, a result of cross-portfolio collaboration, showcases several of NBCUniversal’s brands and properties in a creative, fun and interactive space. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, 25 employees volunteered to serve as mentors to 110 students from ArTes Magnet School, where 85% of students are considered low-to-moderate income.

JA Finance Park is an interactive program where middle and high school students participate in a reality-based simulation and become an “adult for the day” to learn about financial literacy and smart money management skills. As “adults for the day,” students are able to select from a variety of NBCUniversal entertainment options like theme park tickets, movie tickets, and digital streaming services based on their interests and budget. Additionally, a select group of students are assigned profiles based on existing NBCUniversal careers.  


As the exclusive entertainment partner, the construction of the NBCUniversal storefront demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping students gain the tools and skills they need to be financially successful. Not only that, the space will inspire thousands of students each year by creating a positive learning environment. This partnership will provide NBCUniversal employees opportunities to volunteer at JA Finance Park and make an impact on underserved students for years to come.