NBCU/SIT/BHEF Announce Media Engineering Higher Education Program


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NBCU/SIT/BHEF Announce Media Engineering Higher Education Program
March 23, 2016

We live in a “TV Everywhere” world. We can watch our favorite shows on television and online. We can stream content through apps and access the web on our TVs. And we’re able to do all of this through the work of media engineers who are pushing the boundaries of technology to bring us entertainment in exciting new ways.

To stay at the forefront of technology and keep up with the growing demand for media engineers, NBCUniversal has  teamed up with Stevens Institute of Technology and the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF), a national leader in developing strategic relationships between businesses and higher education institutions, to co-develop a media engineering minor. The program targets electrical and computer engineering majors interested in the media and broadcast field.

According to a new BHEF trends report, NBCUniversal and other companies in the industry require media engineers to have a fast-expanding range of skills—from content-creation tools to high-level programming languages. Students enrolled in the minor take four technical courses, complete one new systems engineering course tailored to the media industry, and work on a two-semester senior design program about a media engineering topic. Plus, students are exposed to first-hand experiences, internships, and capstone projects that help them develop cutting edge skills for the media industry.

Later this year, NBCUniversal and BHEF will also release a national learning curriculum guide that outlines the best practices and implementation guidelines for other colleges and universities who want to create a similar pipeline of media engineers.

Learn more about the media engineering minor here.